After we heard the price of the brand new Alfa Romeo 4C we were like "WOW". With 54.000 Euros you can buy a Porsche Cayman and with some extra back pocket money you will have the S version of the German sports car. 

Today, Alfa Romeo is unveiling a new surprise for its fans. We are talking about the 4C IFD Bicycle. The new two-wheel vehicle was designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Style and it is manufactured by Compagnia Ducale.

The 4C Bicycle comes with a sleek design and it’s made from lightweight materials. The new Italian bicycle will be available in Europe, Asia and USA form this December and it will have a price tag ranging from 3.500 Euros to 9.000 Euros. 

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The IFD acronym comes from "Innovative Frame Design" and it refers to the C-shaped cross-section of the frame made from carbon fiber half-tube materials used on the 4C sports car chassis. 

The new Alfa Romeo 4C IFD Bicycle is having a weight of just 6.9 kilos in the "entry-level" versions.

Source: Alfa Romeo