This is the first sketch with the upcoming 2012 Renault Samsung SM7 Concept, teased ahead of its debut scheduled at the Seoul Motor Show.
This next generation sedan looks more like a coupe in this image, but once the car is unveiled on April 1st, we should see if its gets traditional or ‘Alfa style’ rear door handles. The front fascia kind of reminds of the Insignia, while the rest of the body could place this new model in the four-door coupe segment.
Even though the automaker calls it a concept, the 2012 Renault Samsung SM7 is most probably going to retain 99 percent of the features seen on the preview version exhibited in Seoul, and once it hits the market sometime next year, it will replace the current ongoing model that was launched 7 years ago.
Details referring to motorisation and transmission choices are non existent at this point, but we’ll be back with more around this time next week.

Source: Renault-Samsung