More reviews coming our way from AutoExpress who in one of their latest videos talk about the new 2012 Mercedes B Class, which they have driven and consider it will be a huge success.
Apart from its improved styling the new B Class comes with new engines (both petrols and diesels), new transmissions (a 7 speed dual clutch and a manual), plus a brand new front wheel drive platform that will also be seen in action on the upcoming A Class.
Under the floor this new model has been designed to accommodate batteries, so be sure to expect hybrid and electric versions of the 2012 Mercedes B Class in the future. Daimler’s new family car is lower and wider than the previous generation, offers loads of space on the inside, and the SLS style air vents and the iPad style touch screen on top of th dash enable it to have an overall premium feel.
Due to the changes that have been made to its suspension, the 2012 Mercedes B Class is also more comfortable yet more dynamic in terms of handling, despite the fact that the steering is not actually ‘full of feel’.
The engines available for the new B Class are a 1.6-litre turbo petrol rated at 120 HP or 154 HP and a 1.8-litre diesel which can produce wither 107 or 134 horses. AutoExpress recommends the diesel, which is more economical and also provides a better torque range.
Pricing for the 2012 Mercedes B Class start at 21,000 GBP in the UK and can reach 26,000 GBP before adding options like the sat-nav which is priced at 500 GBP or the 3G Internet connection charged with an extra 2,000 GBP. 
2012 Mercedes B Class Review :

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Source: Auto Express via YouTube