The 2012 Honda CR-V crossover was launched in Japan, with the company announcing the fact that dealership availability will start on December 2nd.
This forth generation CR-V is going to be offered with two engine options, a 2.4-litre unit for the four-wheel-drive model (the 24G) and a 2.0-litre plant for the front-wheel-drive variant (the 20G) with power levels reaching 190HP at 7,000 rpm/ 222Nm at 4,400 rpm and 150HP at 6,200 rpm / 191 Nm at 4,300 rpm respectively.
The 2012 Honda CR-V 24G will be equipped with a 5-speed automatic gearbox and will return 11.6 Km/L on the JC08 test cycle, while the 20G which comes fitted with a continuously variable CVT transmission will enable consumption figures of 14.4 Km/L.
Pricing for the 2012 CR-V stars at 2,480,000 Yen for the 20G and at 2,750,000 Yen for the 24G (taxes include), and according to their official statement,Honda hopes it will sell 1,500 exemplars per month on their home market.

Source: Honda