The Blue Oval has chosen Facebook as the place to present the first teaser image with the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, while its public unveiling will take place in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will run between January 6 to 9.
As you can the charging port will be surrounded by a glowing blue light, and even though technical details are still kept secret, there are rumors that say the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will use a 23 kW lithium-polymer battery that will enable a driving range of around 100 miles between recharges.
Market launch for the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will take off later this year, with the company’s new EV initially available only a selected number of states in US, including Washington D.C.
Stay tuned for more details with the 2012 Ford Focus Electric at the time of the show.

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Source: Facebook