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You might remember the mini movie series featuring Justin Timberlake through which the Germans from Audi promoted the A1 right after the small hatch went on sale.
Well Audi’s models, and the new 2012 A6 in particular are now part of a bigger experiment co-developed with FX, which is called the Untitled Jersey City Project. We’re talking about a work-in-progress television drama that pays attention to the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront area that is right across the river from Manhattan.
The environment where the action takes shape is a gritty town that might look sleek due to its new  office buildings and condos, but where everything is still played by the old rules. In a place where everyone seeks either money, fame or power a dead person could represent the ‘work’ of anyone.
And that’s what makes it interesting, finding out who did it, the motives behind it and revealing the rest of the people that were involved.
At least that that is how we perceive this first trailer for the
Untitled Jersey City Project, but you can use the comments section below
and tell us if you have a different take on it.  
The main character seems to be Frank George, a working class kid who finished studying architecture in NY City and worked with some of the biggest names in the field. This first trailer shows Frank receiving a bizarre phone call from his partner Ray Rahne, who is later found dead near a construction site.
The foundation for the story line is obviously leaving room for the unexpected, so lets see where it goes from here, as this is only the first video that is part of eight-short episodes of the Untitled Jersey City Project. (1 page)

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