Sources around the web are talking about the German automaker planning to introduce the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio version net year, and apparently the news has already been confirmed by Martin Winterkorn, boss of VW Group.
The 2011 Volkswagen Golf Cabrio will feature a folding soft-top much like the one on the Audi A3 cabriolet, in a move to distinguish the model further from the hard-top Eos Coupe.
Information on the 2011 Volkswagen Golf Cabrio is still scarce at this point, however rumors thinks that in terms of pricing, the newest addition to the Golf range will cost below 20,000 GBP. An exact figure will be announced sometime before summer next year, when the car will hit dealerships in UK.
No surprises are expected in terms of motorization, as the 2011 Volkswagen Golf Cabrio is expected to be offered with the same engine choices as the current Golf range.

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Source: Autocar