Autocar has just published a short review video featuring Daimler’s second generation Mercedes CLS, a car which is one of the main competitors in the four door coupes segment, a niche that also includes the BMW 6 Series GT and the Audi A7.
The 2011 Mercedes CLS shares its platform with the E Class, but in this case the car is more agile, due to its sharper steering and nimble chassis, and even though it is not as exciting to drive as the Jaguar XF, Autocar’s journalists thinks this 300 HP petrol version CLS is pretty much the next best thing.
In terms of practicality the 2011 Mercedes CLS cannot really score strong points due to its roof shape and limited both space, but the rear seat bench is actually pretty spacious and considering that it costs almost 50,000 GBP, the new CLS is also good value for money.
So the conclusion of this review video? well Autocar thinks the 2011 Mercedes CLS deserves 4 stars out of 5.
2011 Mercedes CLS Review Video

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Source: Autocar via YouTube