The German automaker has announced the 2011 Audi A8 L price and the fact that dealership availability will start towards the end of 2010.
The 2011 Audi A8 L will be offered with 5 motorisation options, which include the 3.0-litre TDI, the 4.0-litre TFSI, the 4.2-litre FSI and TDI as well as the W12 and power will range from 250 HP (184 kW) to 500 HP (368 kW).
The 2011 Audi A8 L features an alonged ultra-light aluminium body, 13 cm longer than the regular model, with twi panoramic sunroofs, and some of the good stuff at the interior includes power adjustable individual rear seats, a high-end WLAN hotspot and audio system as well as the latest generation satnav system which is linked to numerous assistance systems.
The 2011 Audi A8 L prices tarts at 79,000 Euro for the 3.0 TDI version while the top of the line W12 model reaches 137,000 Euro.

Audi press release :
Jul 12, 2010
The full-size A8 sedan embodies the Vorsprung durch Technik
for which Audi is renowned. The brand now presents the new top version
of its flagship: The long-wheelbase A8 L sets standards for luxury,
dynamics and efficiency. It will debut in fall 2010 with five engines,
including the powerful twelve-cylinder with 368 kW (500 hp).
The Audi A8 L impresses with a presence of powerful confidence – it is a
large, distinguished luxury sedan. Length and wheelbase have both been
stretched by 13 centimeters (5.12 in) versus the standard version; the
A8 L measures 5.27 meters (17.29 ft). All of this added length is to the
benefit of the rear seat passengers.
Audi offers two power-adjustable and heated individual seats as an
option for the rear, which can be paired with the optional continuous,
elegantly-styled center console with large storage compartments. The
individual seats can also be equipped with optional ventilation and
massage functions, and features such as a folding table and a cool box
make the passengers’ stay even more enjoyable. The top version is the
relaxation seat with power footrest. It comes complete with every
available luxury option, including a rear seat entertainment system.
Audi also offers a number of attractive multimedia modules, including a
high-end sound system from Bang & Olufsen and advanced online
services. The Audi A8 L is the first automobile in the world to be
available with an integrated WLAN hotspot. A UMTS module provides the
connection to the Internet.
The interior of the A8 L enchants with its new, light lines, with a
craftsman’s level of fit and finish and with extraordinary attention to
the smallest of details. The comfort on board is first class – from the
ambient lighting to the four-zone automatic climate control system.
The Audi flagship combines a new level of technical intelligence with
intuitively simple operation. Its multimedia interface (MMI) includes a
pioneering innovation: In conjunction with the optional MMI navigation
plus navigation system, it has a touchpad. The MMI enables the driver to
control many functions intuitively. The navigation destination, for
example, can be entered by tracing the letters on the pad with a finger.
MMI navigation plus is tightly integrated with the assistance and safety
systems in the new Audi A8 L. It reads the road ahead and provides the
data to the control units for the automatic transmission, the headlights
and the advanced adaptive cruise control with stop & go function.
With their increased intelligence, these systems can recognize complex
scenarios and predictively support the driver. The new Audi pre sense
safety system can reduce the severity of accidents and their
consequences in many cases. The night vision assistant with its
highlighting of detected pedestrians and the speed limit display enhance
the driver’s safety and convenience.

Timeless elegance: the design
The Audi A8 L is a sedan of classic, timeless elegance. Its body is an
aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF), weighing about 40 percent less than a
comparable steel structure. Audi offers optional LED headlights that use
light emitting diodes for all light functions (standard with the W12).
These represent a revolution in lighting technology with respect to both
the technology and appearance.
The new A8 L is debuting with five engines: two TDI and three FSI
gasoline units. All of the engines feature increased power and torque,
while fuel consumption has improved considerably: by as much as 22
percent. This is due to Audi efficiency technologies such as the
recuperation system and the innovative thermal management.
The engine lineup spans a wide range. It begins with two three-liter V6
units: a TDI with 184 kW (250 hp) and a TFSI producing 213 kW (290 hp).
The two V8 engines both have a displacement of 4.2 liters, with the TDI
producing 258 kW (350 hp) and the FSI 273 kW (372 hp). Topping the
lineup is the W12, a gasoline engine with superior power and
cultivation. It develops 368 kW (500 hp) from a displacement of 6.3
The transmission also plays a major role in the efficiency of the A8 L.
The eight-speed tiptronic has a very high overall gear ratio and is
controlled electronically using either the elegant selector lever or
paddles on the steering wheel. The quattro permanent all-wheel drive has
a distinctly sporty and rear-biased character. The optional sport
differential dynamically distributes the forces between the rear wheels;
this feature is standard with the A8 L 4.2 TDI.
The new A8 L offers both luxurious ride comfort and sporty handling. Its
wheel control arms are made of aluminum. The adaptive air suspension
with controlled damping is standard equipment and is integrated into the
versatile Audi drive select dynamics system. The optional dynamic
steering completes the range of chassis options.
The Audi A8 L will be rolling into showrooms toward the end of the year.
Base prices are €79,900 for the 3.0 TDI; €80,400 for the 3.0 TFSI;
€94,300 for the 4.2 FSI; €95,800 for the 4.2 TDI; and €137,000 for the
opulantly equipped W12.
At a glance
The Audi A8 L
– Lightweight and yet ultra-strong aluminum body with ASF design
– 13 centimeters longer than the standard version, measures 5.27 meters
(17.29 ft)
– Timelessly elegant and harmonious lines, optional LED headlights
– Panoramic sunroof comprising two glass elements
Interior and controls
– Power-adjustable individual rear seats, with luxurious relaxation seat
available as an option
– Craftsman-level fit and finish, generous list of standard and optional
– Advanced MMI control system standard; as MMI touch navigation system
with pioneering character recognition
Assistance and safety systems
– Night vision assistant with pedestrian marking, adaptive cruise
control with stop & go function, additional high-performance driver
assistance systems
– New Audi pre sense safety system for avoiding accidents and for
minimizing their consequences

Infotainment systems
– Latest generation navigation system tightly networked with the
assistance systems
– State-of-the-art online services including WLAN hotspot, high-end
audio systems

– Two TDI and three gasoline engines, with power ranging from 184 kW
(250 hp) to 368 kW (500 hp)
– Groundbreaking efficiency: 3.0 TDI emits only 176 grams CO2 per km
(283.24 g/mile) Twelve-cylinder FSI with a displacement of 6.3 liters
– Newly developed, electronically controlled eight-speed tiptronic
standard quattro all-wheel drive standard, sport differential available
for the rear axle
– Lightweight suspension, balanced axle load distribution
 – Audi drive select driving dynamic system including standard air
suspension and adaptive damping, optional dynamic steering
The equipment and data specified in this document refer to the model
range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and
omissions excepted.

Source: Audi