The German automaker has revealed more photos and details with the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas edition which is to be showcased at this year’s GTI meet in Austria.
The 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas will begin selling in June and among unique features that will probably define it as a collectors car there are the newly designed 18 inch alloy wheels, the specially developed sport seats,  plus various other details that are specific to the German sports gear brand.
Other elements included as standard on the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas edition are the bi-xenon headlights and LED rear lights and under the bonnet the car comes fitted with the automaker’s 210 HP engine.
The 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas price was not announced. 
Volkswagen press release :
Wolfsburg / Reifnitz, 13 May 2010 – There are automobiles, and then
there are automotive icons – classics with a glorious past and an
exciting future. The Golf GTI is such an icon. Over 1.7 million have
been sold since the car’s debut in 1976. In just the sixth year after
the launch of the Golf GTI, its community of fans had grown so large
that it sought a common platform, or to put it simply an event, to talk
shop, showcase and drive the GTI. That is how the GTI-Meet in Reifnitz
at Wörthersee came into being in 1982. Since then, fans have been
meeting in the Austrian state of Kärnten for five days of Mardi Gras in
May. It is already time to meet again. One of the traditional
highlights: unveiling of the new GTI variations. Debuting as world
premieres this year are the Golf GTI adidas – an exclusive model whose
sales will launch in June – and the Golf GTI Excessive, a concept car
implemented in a stylistically refined motorsport look.
The new Golf GTI adidas and the GTI concept car will be accompanied
by two GTI classics: the first generation Golf GTI (1976) and the Golf
Citi Mk1 – a last edition, limited to 1,000 units, of the first
generation Golf whose production has just been phased out in South
Africa. Volkswagen Classic is bringing these two icons to Wörthersee.
Its motto: GTI history meets GTI present and future.
GTI adidas:
Starting in June, three of the world’s most
recognised German badges – Volkswagen, GTI and adidas – will for the
first time meld into a combined product as the Golf GTI adidas. The
essential fact is that the GTI’s technology and styling – and its
interior customised in the style of the adidas brand – all produce a
real dynamic mix. And so the Golf GTI adidas is likely to attain
collector’s status very quickly, given the histories of today’s classic
cars in the mould of the two Golf Pirelli GTIs (1983 and 2007) and the
Golf GTI Edition 30 (2006).
Like each of these icons, the new Golf
GTI adidas will also launch with wide-ranging customised exterior and
interior features. They include newly designed 18-inch "Serron" alloy
wheels and a specially developed sport seat design. As on the Golf R,
bi-xenon headlights and LED rear lights are aboard as standard
Golf GTI Excessive: Every year at the
GTI-Meet at Wörthersee, Volkswagen surprises fans with breathtaking
concept cars. In 2007, it was the GTI W12-650, in 2008 the Golf Estate
RaVe 270 and in 2009 the Golf GTI Wörthersee 09. In 2010, Volkswagen is
presenting the Golf GTI Excessive in Reifnitz. This concept car
illustrates the great design potential of the Golf GTI.
components here are the add-on parts styled in high-gloss black piano
paint. The focus here is on extreme precision in the definition of
shapes, radii and straight lines, as though cut with a razor blade. The
add-on parts themselves are slender and light on the one hand, yet
noticeably stable as well; they appear as though carved from a single
block. Add-ons around the front spoiler, side sills and rear diffuser
(which lights fire-red when braking!) are visually styled as so-called
splitters; they are aerodynamically optimised air diverting elements
that originate from motorsports. Never before have splitters been
transferred to a production model with such high-end precision as on the
Golf GTI Excessive. Will these add-ons make it into the catalogue of
Volkswagen Original Accessories? That is up to the fans!

Source: Volkswagen