We present you the first 2009 Fiat 500C video, featuring the small Italian convertible that was officially unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in action. With its fabric roof the vehicle wants to pay its respects to the original 1975 Fiat 500 model and for those of you who are really interested (and live in Italy) the Fiat 500C is available for test driving starting July 4th.
Powering options for the 2009 Fiat 500C convertible include two petrol engines with 1.2 litre or 1.4 litre capacities plus a 1.3 litre diesel unit that are each able to develop 69 hp, 100 hp and respectively 75 hp.
Details announcing if the 2009 Fiat 500C is coming to U.S. have not been released.
Watch the 2009 Fiat 500C video after the jump.

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2009 Fiat 500C video :

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