This year, the project signed by BMW and Moto GP celebrated its 20th birthday. And this is the reason why BMW developed a special movie to remember us some of the gratest Safety Cars developed by the German company and used in the Moto GP. 

In the video below you’ll get the chance to see the M2 Coupe, the M4 Coupe and the latest M5 Competition. But you will also have the change to have a look onto the Z8 used during the 2002 season and also the Z4 M Coupe. Last, but not least is the 1 Series M Coupe which was used during the 2011 season. 

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BMW also gives a special car to the fastest qualifier of the season and for the last six years we have talked about one single man: Marc Marquez. He got his hands on these cars: M6 Coupe (2013), M4 Coupe (2014), M6 Convertible (2015), M2 Coupe (2016), M4 CS (2017), and an M3 CS (2018).