Pogea Racing took an "American Old timer", the classic Corvette from 1959 and updated it with the latest technology.
Eduard Pogea, head of POGEA RACING GmbH said that "Our objective was to marry contemporary driving characteristics, a terrifically powerful engine, dependable brakes and a refined vehicle interior with classic bodywork."
So the car received an in-house tube frame manufactured in cooperation with Foose Design, in order to improve its torsional stiffness, an adjustable coilover suspension as well as a new braking system.
The engine from under the bonnet is an LS3 unit from the 2011 Corvette, which has also been enhanced with LS7 fuel injectors, new camshafts and a direct, open intake with tip cone filter, plus a returned exhaust with Edelbork exhaust manifolds and stainless steel end pipes.
This modern V8 enables the Pogea 1959 Corvette to develop 485 HP (357 kW) at 4,400 rpm and 585 Nm at 6,200 rpm, all of which are harnessed and channeled to the rear wheels via a five-speed gearbox with a ceramic clutch and a Dana 44 differential.
Thanks to all these modifications the 1959 Corvette can hit 100 Km/h from a stand still in just 3.9 seconds and can also reach a top speed of 288 Km/h.
The Pogea 1959 Corvette comes with the original Ferrari colours (Rosso and Bianco), features unique wheels, has LED light clusters at the rear and its interior has been upgraded with a combination
of carpeting and smooth leather, a flat bottom Vallelunga steering wheel, Cobra seats and an Alpine multi-media system.
The price for all this? 225,000 Euro.