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Volvo S90: What is New?

In 2015, Volvo announced it was ready to retire the S80 in favor of a new generation of sedan. Interestingly, the new phase was to be the second-generation S90. If you’re old enough you may recall the S80 replaced the original S90 in the late-90s.
Folks are curious what’s the difference between these two models, especially what additional Volvo parts and accessories have been added, and we’re here to lay it out plainly. First off, it’s important to understand this isn’t a competition. The current generation S80 was first rolled out back in 2007. Yes, for nearly ten years the Volvo parts inside the S80 remained virtually unchanged, from gas cap to TPMS system. That’s a huge advantage for S80 owners since it means there’s a vast availability of replacement Volvo parts, making them more affordable and especially feasible to get both OEM and aftermarket parts from online stores. However, to directly compare the S80 to the 2017 S90 would be unfair.
Instead, consider the S80 as a point of reference for the latest generation Volvo executive-class sedan.
The base model 2017 S90 T5 features all the hallmark Volvo engine parts you typically see in a turbocharged five-cylinder engine, whereas the T6 upgrade will include Volvo parts that support a 2-litre four-cylinder engine both supercharged and turbocharged. Lastly, a third powertrain option is Volvo’s twin-engine system incorporating the dual super/turbocharged 4-cylinder option with electric motors essentially turning the S90 into a luxury hybrid: the T8 variant, with all new hybrid Volvo parts. The base model will achieve 316 hp while the uppermost model performs with 400 hp.
Volvo’s interior parts and accessories in the S90 don’t immediately appear much different than that of the S80. However, upon closer inspection that all changes. Present now is an enormous yet unobtrusive middle console display referred to as the infotainment center. Darker woodwork has been replaced by a brighter incarnation, and chic Volvo accessories like brushed aluminum run a streak of futurism over the vintage wood style.
Volvo S90: What is New?
The shift to a sportier body style on the S90 versus the last generation S80’s exterior is very apparent. It’s also a very welcome design adjustment. A more menacing roof design and sloped hood suggest this Volvo’s engine parts might growl rather than purr. While the Swedish engineers responsible for her new look seemed to not concern themselves much with changing the rear, the front of this Volvo is crowned with newly-designed prominent body parts like the perfectly proportioned grill, projecting power and precision.
The most significant change from Volvo’s S80 to the second-gen S90 is the new vast assortment of available accessories. After all, a lot of developments in personal technology have occurred since the S80’s unveiling in 2007. Smartphones, tablets, motion detection, wireless internet access and even artificial intelligence are all expected of a car in the S90 class, facilitating the creation of new Volvo accessories and electrical parts.
As such, some of the most desired Volvo parts and accessories, like the Pilot Assist semi-autonomous control system, have been refitted for the S90. Volvo further improved this technology with the ability for the Pilot Assist system to keep the S90 in its lane without a car in front serving as the tracer. Additionally technology-driven Volvo parts like the Sensus have made accessing auxiliary features easier and safer. Lastly, the 2017 S90 model comes with a large animal detection system, which will automatically apply the brakes upon sensing a moose or other beast in the road.  
Say Goodbye to the S80, and hello to the next-generation S90 with all its glorious new Volvo parts, technology and options. It’s a welcome sight and experience. Better late than never.

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