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Pegea Racing as launched a upgrade program for the new Audi A1 which is called 'A Force One' and which comes with increased engine performance from classic chip tuning.

At hte exterior the Pogea Racing tuned Audi A1 distinguishes itself from the stock model through the ultralight OZ Racing Alleggerita HTL set of alloys, wrapped in ET35 Sport Contact 3 Continental tyres, the new exhaust system which comes with 76 mm laser engraved tailpipes.

In the performance department, the Audi A1 tuning program developed by Pogea Racing comes in two stages. The first stage increases performance from 122 HP ans 200 Nm of torque to 156 HP and 266 Nm of torque, figures which also enable a new top speed of 245 Km/h.

The Stage 2 treatment adds additional air cooling and adapted electronics along with a new coilover suspension from KW and a set of Brembo brakes with perforated discs.  

Pogea Racing press release :

A-FORCE-ONE – Audi A1 by Pogea Racing

It’s very interesting to follow how different tuners – each has a somewhat different orientation – try to create their own refinement version of the youngest member of this brand with four interlaced rings, the Audi A1. And so it is fully logically that Pogea Racing from Bodensee can now bring up the world’s first A1 which performance was enhanced by "only" classic chip tuning.

At the same time the Friedrichshafen tuner did not install one of these ominous tuning boxes with so-called additional control unit – unlike any other. The factory fitted engine control unit is in fact

equipped with a system called Tuning Protection Level 10, which is protected by a password to prevent access to the controller. Moreover, not only the engine data, but all processors are password-protected. However, the Swabian professionals have disabled all these passwords. Nevertheless, the vehicle remains fully diagnosed. The conducted analysis has demonstrated that the tuning measures have no adverse effect on the manufacturer provided protection functions that fully remain with respect to a tuning box, and the controller also has no limitations.

The increase resulting from the said measures is compared to the standard (122 hp, 200 Nm of torque and 202 km / h of top speed) and in total is 156 hp at 5500 rpm or 266 Nm at 3300 rpm. The Vmax-lock was released, that provides now 245 km / h.

It should be mentioned that it is the Stage I, which is adapted to everyday use. Pogea Racing also offers a Stage II specially designed for the sporty clients with additional charge air cooling and adapted to electronics. This was developed specifically at the Hockenheimring, and for this purpose a KW coilover suspension Variant 2 with its own suspension characteristics was provided.
In favor of driving dynamics, a KW coilover kit Variant 1 Inox-Line was installed. Now we come to a wheel / tire combination with a difference: The ultralight OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT rims were shod with ET35 Sport Contact 3 Continental tyres. An adequate deceleration is provided by the Brembo brake system with perforated discs at the front and rear and brake pads of the same origin.

The "communication" with the environment takes place at the in-house exhaust system, consisting of front and rear silencer and two 76 mm laser engraved Skyline tailpipes fully manufactured in practically indestructible US409 marine stainless steel. Finally, the sports air filter from the BMC is worth an honorable mention.
This is the name for the unambiguously ready-to-start presidential vehicle…

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