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2012 Vauxhall Combo

The British version Opel Combo, the Vauxhall Combo is going on sale in the UK starting from February next year, so here is how much it costs and what do customers get in return.

The 2012 Vauxhall Combo price starts 14,703.33 GBP for the 2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) version and reaches 18,203.33 GBP for the 2300 2.0CDTI 16v (135PS)  variant equipped with Start Stop technology.

This new panel van is available in two wheelbases (4.39m and 4.74m), two heights (1.85m and 2.10m) and two gross vehicle weights (2,000 Kg and 2,300 Kg), as well as two trim levels (Combo and Sportive) and four engine choices.

With the L1 version the load volume is 3,400 litres while the L2 packs 4,200 litres. The two payloads choices offered by the new Combo are 750 Kg or

1,000 Kg while the four engines being offered are all diesels and include a 1.3 CDTi and a 1.6 CDTI each rated at 90 PS, a 1.6 CDTi producing 105 PS and a 2.0 CDTi delivering 135 PS.

The 1.3 CDTis are offered with 5-speed manual transmissions, while the 2.0 CDTi units are linked a 6-speed manuals. For the 1.6 CDTis the automaker also offers their 'Tecshift' automated 5-speedmanual transmission, and all powertrains also available with Start Stop functionality.

Standard features on the 2012 Vauxhall Combo include remote central door locking, full-steel bulkhead, trip computer, electric power steering, driver's airbag, ABS with EBD, CD/radio and a 12 volt power outlet in the dashboard.

Full price list for the new Combo available below :

L1H1 Panel VanPrice (£)
exc. VAT
RRP (£)
exc. VAT
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)13,855.0014,703.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX  13,990.0014,838.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift15,490.0016,338.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop14,790.0015,638.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)14,050.0014,898.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX14,185.0015,033.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift  15,685.0016,533.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop14,985.0015,833.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)15,125.0015,973.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop15,260.0016,108.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop16,060.0016,908.33
2000 2.0CDTI 16v (135PS) Start/Stop17,160.0018,008.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)15,320.0016,168.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop15,455.0016,303.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop16,255.0017,103.33
2300 2.0CDTI 16v (135PS) Start/Stop17,355.0018,203.33
L1H2 Panel Van  
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift16,240.0017,088.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop15,540.0016,388.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift  16,435.0017,283.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop15,735.0016,583.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop16,810.0017,658.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop17,005.0017,853.33
L2H1 Panel Van  
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)14,855.0015,703.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop14,990.0015,838.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift16,490.0017,338.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop15,790.0016,638.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS)15,940.0016,788.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop16,075.0016,923.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop16,875.0017,723.33


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