Top Vehicles for Pet Owners

17 Jul 2014

One of the biggest challenges for pet owners is to look for a suitable vehicle. This is because pets have special requirements which a vehicle should fulfill. First and foremost, a vehicle for pets has to be spacious. This is to make sure they are able to comfortably sit on the seats. There are times when the pet needs to be transported in a pet carryon.

Even then, one needs ample space to accommodate the carryon. Since pets are in the vehicle, it should have enough space to accommodate the accessories. Some pets have special requirements. On the other hand, one needs to carry water and food supplies for pets on long trips.

Tinted windows are also something most pet owners look for in their cars. This keeps the car cool from within. Pets can become sick in the car if there is too much heat. Tinted windows keep the sunlight out and prevent the heat. Let’s look at the top vehicles for pet owners:

Dodge Journey

In essence, the Dodge Journey is a compact SUV. However, it boasts features that are similar to a large SUV. The first and foremost thing that makes this compact SUV suitable for pets is the interior space. There is excellent legroom in the Journey. You can have the pet sit comfortably beneath the seats. You can also fold the seats down to provide extra room. This will allow your pet to move around in the car freely and prevent it from getting carsick.

One of the best features of this compact SUV is the in-dash cooler. It is perfect for carrying small pet supplies, like medicines, water and even certain types of pet food. With the Dodge Journey, you can just grab your pet’s supplies and depart on a long comfortable journey. The rear windows of this vehicle are tinted and they keep the car cool.

Ford Flex

Some dog breeds are especially large and find it hard to get into a vehicle. This is what makes the Ford Flex ideal for large dogs and also other pets. It offers ample leg room and lots of space to allow pets to get in. if you want your pets to have a truly have a blast while travelling, you can fold all of the seats. Once the seats are folded, your pets will get the entire rear-end to roam around and sit freely. You should take care while driving. If you brake all of a sudden, your pets could fall and get hurt. Other than that, the Ford Flex makes for an excellent vehicle for any type of pet. If you have a dog which is unusually large, then there is no better vehicle for you.

GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia is a full-size SUV. The space of the interior alone will leave you marveling. In fact, this vehicle is every pet owner’s dream. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your pet roaming around feely in the vehicle. This is exactly what the Acadia offers. This SUV has an excellent safety rating so you can be sure that you and your pet will be safe while travelling over long distances. If you have a small pet, you can easily accommodate a pet carryon in the SUV. You have ample room to carry lots of supplies for your pet and their favorite toys as well.

If you are looking for the perfect vehicle for your pets, you should consider one of the abovementioned options.