The Best Concept Cars of the Year

26 Sep 2013

Concept cars rarely make it to mass production, but it is hard not to be impressed by their radical designs and technology. Each new auto show brings a number of breathtaking cars into the limelight. Though what happens after is a different matter, there is little doubt that concept cars offer something fresh and exciting. So, here is a list of the best concept cars of the year.

Peugeot Onyx

Peugeot’s Onyx is one of the most unique concept cars to hit the market in a while. The striking aspect of the car’s design is the color combination. The front fender and doors of the Onyx have been made with copper, carrying the natural color of the element. The rest of the car’s body is black. Oddly, the Onyx carries the two colors commonly associated with Duracell batteries. The interior of the car is not too different either. The dashboard has been made with discarded newspapers (you read that right). As for the rest of the interior, it is covered in wool felt. Simply speaking, Peugeot’s Onyx is a marvel.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

The most stylish station wagon ever made, Porsche’s Panamera Sport Turismo features a design you wouldn’t have seen before. In fact, Porsche even remarked that the reason it started making the Panamera line of cars was to make this into station wagon. The Panamera Sport Turismo comes equipped with a hybrid powertrain you can plug in and use. This makes the car environment-friendly and fuel efficient. This concept car by Porsche is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mazda Takeri

Trust Mazda to merge practicality with a great design. That is what they have done with their Takeri concept car. Mazda focused more on the overall package it was offering when making Takeri, a fact which shows when you are driving the car. The remarkable thing about this car is that the design hasn’t changed much even with the car having entered mass production. If you saw Mazda’s Takeri at an auto show and are interested in buying it, you don’t have to worry about the design. It is virtually the same.

Acura NSX

Acura has been guilty of messing up the designs of its concept cars in the recent past. However, the manufacturer bucked the trend by putting out the NSX. Acura seems to have thrown the original design of the NSX out of the window and come up with something new. Reports suggest that the production version of the car will be similar to the concept. Merging technical brilliance with an elegant design, this is the car to beat.

McLaren P1

Perhaps the most strangely designed of all concept cars on this list, McLaren’s P1 is nonetheless an impressive and powerful vehicle. The maker has primed the P1 as the follow-up to the F1. From the first look at the car, it is clear that the design is odd. The body panels seem to be protruding outwards. Also, the canopies are unlike anything you would have seen before. In short, the concept may not be catchy, but it is different and stands out in the crowd for sure.

These are the best concept cars of the year. A couple of them are already in mass production and available on the market while the rest won’t be far off from reaching that stage.