Sedan vs. Pickup Trucks – Which Is Better?

12 Aug 2014

There was a time when sedans were preferred over pickup trucks in terms of luxury and safety. Sedans provided more luxury options and were easy to drive. Pickup trucks on the other hand were meant for work purposes. They were built along a rough design and did not even have comfortable seats, but were purchased because they emitted immense power.

Thanks to the innovative engineering techniques, pickups have come far from their predecessors. Today you can actually think about going for a pickup truck over a sedan. However, it all comes down to your preference and budget. Let’s compare pickups and sedans to see which one is better:

Interior Comfort

There has always been an ongoing debate about the fact that sedans are more luxurious than pickup trucks. This was true at one time as pickups were built for functionality rather than comfort. However, nowadays pickup trucks are just as luxurious as sedans. In fact there are a few pickup truck trims that provide more luxurious features than sedans.

Still at the end of the day you have to consider the fact that large pickup trucks are gas gulpers. Sedans are built to provide fuel economy and are easy to maintain. Even though pickup trucks are more comfortable now, they are still built for functionality. They generate immense power and therefore consume more fuel.

Ease of Handling

This aspect merely depends on your route and your residence. If you live within the city then getting a pickup truck is not the best idea. Pickup trucks are, well, huge. It is a painstaking task to locate a sizeable parking space for a pickup. In addition to this, maneuvering a truck in the traffic is quite tricky as well.

Sedans are much smaller than pickups. They can be parked almost anywhere and are quite easy to drive around. Most sedans nowadays even come with a parking assist feature. It measures out a parking space for the car and makes sure that you park without hitting anything. Then again there are individuals who love driving pickup trucks even in the city limits.

Engine and Suspension Power

If you want immense power at your disposal and the ability to drag anything behind your vehicle, then a pickup truck is probably the best choice for you. These trucks are built with a reinforced chassis, special suspension systems, and a massive engine.

These trucks have the ability to tow and haul significant weight. If you are the kind who loves to help friends move and tow stuff, then you will be a happy camper if you get a pickup. In addition to this, who doesn’t mind a few extra ponies under the hood? But be prepared to feed the truck with a lot of fuel.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of a pickup is without a doubt more than a sedan. A sedan may be able to seat up to 5 if you seat 3 at the rear seats. Depending upon the cabin trim, a pickup truck can easily seat up to 6 passengers and that too very comfortably. The best part is that you can hardly feel the road bumps when riding a truck.

You can take it on rough terrains without having to worry about getting stuck. Pickup trucks are also ideal if you enjoy camping trips and outings with your family. Not only can you seat many passengers, you can also carry supplies.

Safety Rating

This is one aspect where pickups and sedans are neck and neck. Each is excellent when it comes to safety rating. Most people assume that pickup trucks are safer than sedans. This is only due to the fact that pickups are larger and stronger than sedans. But with the technology incorporated in the latter, they are not inferior in terms of safety.

The final decision of choosing between a pickup and sedan lies with you. Be sure to weigh all your options before making a choice.