Cars That Are Easy to Maintain

01 Aug 2014

Most people purchase cars just because they are fuel-efficient. However, fuel cost is only a fraction of the operating expenditure of a car. A car can develop problems over the years and need repairs. You need to account for scheduled maintenance as well. This is why you should consider the aspects beyond fuel economy. There are quite a few vehicles that are economical when it comes to fuel consumption, but not in terms of maintenance. These vehicles tend to break down often and require repairs.

You will be saving quite a bit on fuel, but spending twice as much on maintenance. This is why you should consider getting a car that is easy to maintain as well as fuel-efficient. Let’s look at some of the bestselling cars that are a breeze to maintain:

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of the best compact sedans ever made. It is not the best in terms of gas mileage. However, it is one of the most reliable cars on the market today. The only thing that the Ford Focus requires is on-time maintenance. If the scheduled maintenance is done on time, there should not be any problems. It is a car that is great when it comes to safety rating. The interior is, without a doubt, spacious for a car of its stature. Back in the day, the Ford Focus did suffer from a negative image. There were quite a few recalls and manufacturing defects. However, Ford has completely redesigned the newer models and it is one of the most easy to maintain cars today.

Toyota Camry

Toyota is the bestselling car brand in the world and for good reason. The company’s prime focus is to provide customers the best quality cars at the best possible price. Each and every Toyota vehicle is build with precision. The Camry is one of the best vehicles manufactured by Toyota yet. It is offered in hybrid and regular models. Regardless of the variant you choose, the car is sure to amaze you with the maintenance cost. In fact, the hybrid version of the Camry costs less to maintain than the regular one. It will also offer an excellent gas mileage as well. When it comes to comfort, the Camry is extremely spacious and you can store quite a bit of cargo in the boot.

Cadillac STS

There is no doubt that Cadillac Vehicles have class. If you are driving around in a Cadillac STS, you are sure to make heads turn. First and foremost, the car looks amazing. Moreover, it is extremely economical to maintain. Even though it is a Caddy, its maintenance cost is equal to that of a Toyota. The company’s free maintenance program is to thank for this. But then again, you get to drive a Cadillac at maintenance costs equal to any other economical ride. The gas mileage of this car is not excellent, but it is not bad either.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla is the number-one selling brand from Toyota. Even the fabulous Camry is not as popular as the Corolla. This car is economical in all aspects. The first thing that you will love about this ride is the gas mileage. In addition, the car is spacious and comfortable. The most important factor to account for is the maintenance cost. Maintaining a Toyota Corolla is easy and cheap.

To make sure you make the most of the car you purchase, be sure to consider its maintenance expenditure. Even if you have to sacrifice on gas mileage, saving on maintenance cost is a great advantage.