2015 GMC Canyon Review

  • Performance
    4.3 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.5 of 5.0
  • Interior
    4.5 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    2.0 of 5.0
09 May 2014

GMC is known for producing some of the best pickup trucks in the market. The pickup trucks manufactured by the company are of the highest quality, durable and emit immense power. GMC’s latest creation is the 2015 Canyon. This truck has it all. It is powerful and luxurious at the same time. Since it is GMC, it is extremely durable.

Even though the 2015 GMC Canyon is a mid-sized truck, it is excellent in terms of features and power. The looks of the Canyon have been altered and it looks better than the previous variants. The interior is laced with spectacular features. Moreover, the 2015 GMC Canyon provides a fair gas mileage. Let’s look at the Canyon in detail:

Engine Specifications

The 2015 GMC Canyon is available in a V-6 and an inline engine. The V-6 produces enough power to make the Canyon ones of the most powerful trucks in the market. There are two engine variants for the 2015 GMC Canyon. The first and the less powerful engine is an inline engine with four cylinders. This engine has a capacity of 2.5 liters. The second engine variant is the V-6. The capacity of this engine is 3.6 liters. Both these engines produce immense power and deliver an excellent gas mileage.


Both the engine variants are quite reliable and produce a fair amount of power for their capacity. The inline 4-cylinder engine is rated to produce 193 horses and 184 pounds of torque. This variant may not work for extreme hauling and payload. However, it will prove effective for basic utility work. The smaller engine variant will be helpful if you need a truck for basic tasks. In some cases, people use their trucks as a daily driver. The smaller engine can suit such needs effectively.

However, the V-6 engine variant strictly means business. This engine is rated to produce 302 ponies and 270 pounds of torque. For a mid-sized truck, the 2015 GMC Canyon’s V-6 variant produces exceptional power. The V-6 variant is rated for towing a load of 6,700 pounds.

Bed Size

To suit various hauling and utility needs, the bed of the 2015 GMC Canyon is available in two sizes. The larger bed size is 6’2”. It is ideal for carrying a lot of cargo. The cabins are also available in a couple of variants. If you do not want much storage space, you can always opt for the shorter bed which is 5’2”. There are two drivetrain options as well. You can either get the two-wheel drive option or the four-wheel drive option.


The 2015 GMC Canyon comes with numerous fancy features including a rear camera. To support the camera, there is an 8-inch LCD screen installed on the dashboard. The truck also has a few innovative safety features, including side airbags. These airbags keep the passengers from ejecting from the car in case of a collision.

Interior Design

One of the best features of the 2015 GMC Canyon is the interior of the truck. The seats are very comfortable. Moreover, the interior appears quite simple yet elegant. The spacious interior of the 2015 GMC Canyon makes it an ideal choice for a small family. If you have a bigger family you can opt for the variant with the bigger cabin. It will suit your needs perfectly.