2017 MINI Cooper Clubman JCW Review

Fuel Type
  • Performance
    4.1 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.2 of 5.0
  • Interior
    3.5 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    3.5 of 5.0
22 Sep 2016

MINI is nearing the end of a five-year period of intense redesigning. In the last three years, the Mini Cooper, Countryman, and Clubman have all been extensively redesigned. MINI has already returned with a fast new addition to the Clubman family. It’s the 2017 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman (JCW), which is based on the Clubman from 2016. The title’s John Cooper Works element refers to MINI’s high-performance vehicle line. That is why the JCW Clubman has a cool exterior as well as a hot engine under the hood. Other racing features can also be found inside the vehicle. Overall, MINI did its best to produce a race-ready vehicle for the 2017 model year.

Exterior design

First and foremost, the red detailing distinguishes this JCW Clubman from the standard Clubman. A red stripe runs across the grille, and the red brake calipers are visible through the wheels. A “Works” badge is located on the right side of the grille, as well as on the right side of the rear and above both front wheel arches.

Furthermore, the front fascia is noticeably different from that of the standard 2016 Clubman. The JCW Clubman has a wire mesh pattern on the grille, as opposed to the regular Clubman‘s dark horizontal lines. In addition, the air intake beneath the grille is larger than on the standard Clubman because the engine requires more air to avoid overheating. As a result, the left and right air vents on the fascia have been enlarged, albeit at the expense of the foglights. Finally, on the hood, there is a small air vent above the center logo.

Side and rear

The 2017 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman appears to have a lower stance from the side. This is most likely due to the sports suspension MINI installed. Furthermore, the JCW Clubman‘s standard wheels are 18 inches. There is only one other wheel size available, which is 19 inches. It has fewer options than the standard Clubman, but it comes standard with 16-inch wheels. The rest of the JCW Clubman‘s side view is unchanged.

More changes can be found on the car’s back end. First and foremost, there is a short overhang above the rear window, and the lower fascia is distinct. It has two exhausts on the left and one on the right, as opposed to the single exhaust on the standard Clubman. The exhausts are bright, shiny chrome, as opposed to plain steel on the standard Clubman.

The exterior colors have remained largely unchanged. The 2017 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman now comes in a dark green unibody. In addition, instead of ten metallic exterior colors, the JCW Clubman has only six. Roof and mirror casings are available in black, white, and a brand new red.

Interior design

There are several options for the interior. To begin, there are four different cloth or leather and cloth combinations to choose from. Furthermore, there are five all-leather seat options as well as color options for the dash and door panel inserts.

JCW performance sport seats with integrated head rests have replaced the standard interior seats. Heated front seats are available as an option. LED-strips are installed throughout the vehicle and work in conjunction with the ambient lighting feature. Color combinations of red and black, as well as blue and red, create a wonderful interior atmosphere.

The regular Clubman‘s wide center stack and spherical 6.5-inch infotainment screen niche have been carried over. A Harman Kardon sound system is available as an option.

Engine specs

MINI developed the most powerful engine it has ever produced and installed it in the 2017 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman. The engine is MINI’s standard 2.0 liter twin-turbo four cylinder, but it has been tuned to produce 228 horsepower. In comparison, the standard Clubman produces 134 or 189 horsepower, so this is a significant upgrade.

The engine has been tweaked due to retuning of the engine’s exhaust system. Updated and upgraded software, as well as increased turbo pressure, all contributed to the horsepower increase. There are two transmission options: a six-speed manual or an eight-speed Steptronic. ALL4 All Wheel Drive is standard, and it constantly monitors road conditions and sends power to the wheels in response. When starting from a standstill, the Launch Control Function prevents the wheels from slipping.

The John Cooper Works Sport Suspension lowers the car by 0.4 inch, which lowers the center of gravity and improves aerodynamics.

Tech specs

MINI Connected software and a smartphone app are available for controlling the infotainment screen. Rear parking sensors, a rear view camera, and proximity-key entry with push-button ignition are also available. Adaptive cruise control is also available as an option.

Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking are two safety features.

Price and sale date

The 2017 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman is now on the market in Europe. The JCW Clubman will be available in dealerships in the United States in December of 2016 and priced at $35,100. The regular Clubman starts at $24,100 and All Wheel Drive starts at $25,900.

The JCW Clubman is available for purchase in Europe. Prices in Germany begin at €35,800.