2015 Toyota RAV4 Review

  • Performance
    3.0 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.6 of 5.0
  • Interior
    2.9 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    3.0 of 5.0
04 Oct 2014

Toyota is one of the bestselling car manufacturers in the world. Their RAV4 brand initially did not gain the popularity that it deserved and was more of an underdog. However, as the company added innovative features and made it more luxurious, it quickly became one of the most popular crossover vehicles. The latest addition to Toyota’s crossover fleet is the 2015 RAV4.

The first thing that you will notice is the facelift. Even though the car received a major makeover for the 2014 model, the 2015 variant offers more fresh aspects. There are a couple of luxurious additions to the interior as well. All in all, there are many new features that the company has introduced to the 2015 Toyota RAV4. Let’s look at this new addition to Toyota’s fleet in detail:

Engine Specifications

Toyota is known for keeping it simple. The company seldom introduces a bunch of engine variants for a single brand. Even with the Toyota RAV4, the company has only introduced a single engine across all variants. However, the engine is powerful, durable and economical. This also makes it easy for a customer to make an informed selection as each engine variant offers efficiency and power.

The standard engine for the 2015 RAV4 is an inline-type. The engine has four cylinders and a capacity of 2.5 liters. There is ongoing speculation that this engine is not able to generate enough power for such a large crossover. But surprisingly, the engine is rated to produce immense power for its size.

Engine Performance

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 incorporates a topnotch sequential MPI system. This system helps it to generate significant power as well as provide great gas mileage. The 2.5-liter Inline-4 engine of the RAV4 can generate an incredible 176 ponies at only 6,000 RPMs. In addition, it can generate 172 pounds of torque per foot at a mere 4,100 RPM. However, the most impressive aspect of the 2015 Toyota RAV4’s engine remains its gas mileage.

If you are driving within the city, you can hope to achieve 24 miles a gallon without breaking a sweat. Driving on the highway, you will get no less than 31 miles per gallon. The 2015 RAV4 gives a combined gas mileage of 26 miles, which is quite amazing.

Transmission Options

Similar to the engine, the 2015 Toyota RAV4 does not feature multiple options for the transmission. The only transmission variant is a 6-speed automatic. Even though this transmission is not electronically controlled, it provides seamless shifting and excellent gear ratios. The 6-speed auto transmission of the 2015 Toyota RAV4 does feature an Overdrive system, which is a plus point.

Interior Styling

One of the main advantages of buying a crossover type vehicle is that you get the luxury of a sedan and significant cargo space as well. The cargo space of the 2015 Toyota RAV4 is sufficient, but it can be extended if you drop the rear seats. You can easily seat 5 passengers in the RAV4. The best thing about the interior is the legroom. There is sufficient legroom for the rear passengers as well. The seats are extremely comfortable as well. The 2015 Toyota RAV4 features one of the most aesthetically appealing dashboards of all crossovers. It features a two-toned leather dashboard. This adds to the overall appearance of the interior.

Exterior Design

Like most vehicles nowadays, the 2015 Toyota RAV4 does not feature extensive design changes as far as the exterior goes. However, there are a few aspects that were added to give it a fresh appearance. But the overall design remains the same. Yet, the features and luxuries offered by the 2015 RAV4 more than make up for the design.


The 2015 Toyota RAV4 LE is priced at $23,680, the XLE at $25,240, and the Limited at $28,450.

If you want a vehicle for your family that gives great gas mileage and cargo space, you should consider the 2015 Toyota RAV4.