2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review

  • Performance
    4.2 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.4 of 5.0
  • Interior
    4.4 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    2.0 of 5.0
07 Sep 2014

Chevrolet has produced some of the best large sized pickup trucks. However, their midsized trucks were never as popular. But the company has taken its range of pickup trucks to a whole new level. Their latest midsized truck, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, is a fine example of this. This truck is sure to take the market by storm. Not only is it laced with topnotch features, but it also boasts power and reliability. The best part is that Chevrolet has introduced a couple of engine variants in the Colorado to suit different requirements. Let’s look at what the company is offering in the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado:

Engine Specifications

There are two engine variants across all trims of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. One engine variant is aimed at providing performance, while the other engine variant concentrates on economy. However, none of the engine variants compromise on power. The first engine variant is a V-type. This engine has 6 cylinders and its displacement is 3.6 liters. The second engine variant is an inline-type with 4 cylinders. This engine’s displacement is 2.5 liters. There is a difference in the amount of power each engine produces, but it is not significant.

Engine Performance

Both engine variants in the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado produce immense power. The 3.6-liter engine variant is rated to produce an amazing 305 ponies. The torque rating for this engine is 269 pounds per feet. There is no doubt that these performance specifications are impressive. But the performance ratings for the 2.5-liter engine variant are relatively more impressive. This engine may appear smaller, but it can dish out a staggering 200 horses and 191 pounds of torque per feet. Both engines are equipped with a direct gasoline injection system. This system contributes to exceptional performance.

Transmission Options

The pickup truck features a 6-speed automatic transmission. The model number for this transmission is 6L50. This transmission is standard across all Crew Cab models of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. But if you have an extended cab variant of the Colorado, it is available as an optional upgrade. If you are not comfortable with automatic transmissions, you can opt for the 5-speed manual transmission.

There are two drivetrain options you can choose from. The first drivetrain option is a Two-Wheel drive. This drivetrain delivers power to the rear wheels only. If you have to haul heavy loads across rough terrain, you can opt for the four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive system allows you to choose between using all 4 wheels or just the rear ones.

Interior Styling

One of the best aspects of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is the interior. The interior is unlike most midsized pickup trucks. The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of legroom to the front and rear passengers. The instrument panel may not be flashy, but is elegant. Depending on the cabin type you choose, you can seat up to 5 passengers. The gear selector is located towards the right side of the steering wheel which gives you plenty of room between the front seats.

Exterior Design

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado has seen a significant design chance from the previous models. However, it still retains its classic appearance. The front end of this truck boasts an aggressive appearance. The large grille that adjoins to the headlamps enhances its appearance.

All in all, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is a great midsized pickup truck. It not only excels at performance, but is also luxurious.