2014 Volkswagen Tiguan Review

  • Performance
    4.3 of 5.0
  • Cost of Ownership
    4.5 of 5.0
  • Interior
    4.1 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    4.0 of 5.0
26 Mar 2014

Crossover vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because they offer the luxury of a sedan and the passenger space of an SUV. Volkswagen has also joined the race to produce the finest crossover vehicle. The year 2014 brings the all new Volkswagen Tiguan. Volkswagen has always ensured that their car offers something for everyone. With the 2014 Tiguan, it seems the company has done it again. The crossover vehicle features top of the line styling, luxury features and a powerful engine. The 2014 Tiguan lives up to the company’s legacy. Let’s look at the 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan in detail:

Engine Specifications

The engine specification of the 2014 Tiguan is quite astonishing. Although the crossover vehicle has a couple of variants, the engine is the same for both. The 2014 Tiguan features a 2.0-liter engine. This engine may seem small for a crossover vehicle of the 2014 Tiguan’s stature. But, as always, Volkswagen has a few tricks up their sleeves. The 2.0-liter engine is turbocharged and includes an intercooler to force cool air into the engine. This combination not only gives astounding power to the 2014 Tiguan but also makes it fuel-efficient. The vehicle is rated at 18 miles per gallon in the city, while on the highway you can get up to 26 miles per hour. There is another variant which even delivers 21 miles to the gallon in the city.

Transmission Specifications

The difference between the variants of the 2014 Tiguan is the transmission. If you are someone who likes to drive comfortably for long distances, you may go for the variant with the auto transmission. The automatic transmission of the 2014 Tiguan is a six-speed with a Tiptronic option. On the other hand, if you enjoy driving a manual, you may go for the six-speed manual variant of the 2014 Tiguan. If you are debating on whether to select the auto or the manual, you should go for the auto. The tiptronic option will also allow you to change gears as per your preference. You may switch to auto for long drives and if you want to savor the experience, you can use the tiptronic option.

Interior Design

The interior design of the 2014 Tiguan is simple, yet elegant. It doesn’t have complicated looking controls around the center console. It is the perfect car if you are looking for something for the entire family. The seats are extremely comfortable. The 2014 Tiguan has an interior design you are bound to fall in love with.

Exterior Design

The exterior styling of the 2014 Tiguan is truly unique. The car features a typical high-end SUV design in a compact form. The headlamps of the 2014 Tiguan stretch all the way to the back and give the vehicle a mean look. On the other hand, the tough styling of the 2014 Tiguan is mellowed down by a pair of beautiful taillights. The tough look at the frontend and the mellow styling at the rear end give the car a distinct look. The headlamps are LED which are bound to give excellent nighttime vision.

The exterior comes with all the bells and whistles you expect. The 2014 Tiguan has fog lamps as a stock feature. Even the exhaust pipe has a double-header. Owners who like to slap on a bunch of upgrades to brand new rides will love the 2014 Tiguan. This is because not much needs to be done to the vehicle in terms of enhancing the looks.

If you are looking for a vehicle that delivers both luxury and economy, the 2014 Tiguan is for you.