In case a regular Maybach does not provide the level of exclusivity you desire, then XENATEC, a German coachbuilder is offering the first Maybach 57S Coupe.
The B pillar has been pushed 20 cm to the back of the car, plus new doors and side panels have been added, but customers remain assured that the XENATEC Maybach 57S Coupe remains a comfortable four-seater.
Also the XENATEC Maybach 57S Coupe comes with 20 inch or optional 21 inch alloys, redesigned front and rear bumpers, slightly different taillights, a new diffuser and integrated exhaust pipes. 
Even though the XENATEC Maybach 57S Coupe looks shorter, the wheelbase remains the same, and the car comes with a 4 year unlimited mileage warranty plus a 4 year service and repair plan.
With only 100 exemplars to come off the assembly line, the XENATEC Maybach 57S Coupe price starts at 675,000 Euro which is the equivalent of around 920,000 USD.
The new XENATEC Coupé, based on The Maybach 57S is a two door, four seats Coupé. Different customized adaptations in the body allow highly individualized vehicles, just like well known coachbuilders in the twenties and thirties used to offer. The basis still is the Maybach 57S. No technical changes will be made regarding wheelbase and performance. As a general principle, the customers of the Coupé based on the Maybach 57S have access to the worldwide Maybach service network. XENATEC offers the same full 4-year unlimited mileage warranty plus a 4-year service and repair package based on the general standard terms and conditions of Maybach.
Compared to the Maybach 57 S Limousine major changes will be made on A-, B- and C-Pillar, doors, side panels, front and rear fender. The B-pillar will move 20 CM to the back of the car. Not only receives the car a nice shape but it will also allow an easy entry to the back seats. The Coupé still remains a very comfortable 4-seat, two door coupé. With moving the B-pillar toward the back, the car receives new doors and side panels up to the tail lights of the car including 20 mm more width in the rear wheelhouses. The car will receive the 20 inch or optional 21 inch new designed alloy wheels. Front and rear bumper design is entirely different from the Maybach limousine with more sporty accents. The tail lights are different with a centralized fog light and integrated exhaust pipes in the rear fender with a sophisticated diffuser. To underline the family ties with the Maybach limousines, the XENATEC Coupé will be available in wide range of one and two tone colour paintwork.
In the interior the seats will receive a more sporty shape. A number of small interior details will underline the distinct sportive character of the coupé. Optional an entire glass roof instead of steel will be available. For customers asking for further customizing in addition a “Sports” and “EVO” version will be available later this year.
All Maybach limousines that will be converted into the Coupé will be delivered from DAIMLER AG to XENATEC. All XENATEC Coupés will receive, besides the Maybach VIN number an additional XENATEC VIN number. With these VIN numbers, all Coupés can be identified as such to receive the 4 year XENATEC Warranty and service package. Therefore the customer can visit every authorized Maybach Service-Centre.