After two months of decline, the global automotive market (PC and LCV) rebounded by 8% in April to 6.875 million units. This increase of 500 000 vehicles allows the semester to finish up 3.4% (or 900,000 more units) to 27.301 million units.

China and the United States, which account for nearly 44% of global sales in April, took over a high growth rate of respectively 13% (200 000 units) and 8.5% (100 000 units). Japan is back as 0, 7% (against 8% in the quarter). Brazil, down 6% in March, recorded strong growth of 29% (70 000 units).

In Germany the market is up 4% due to two working days longer, allowing the European market to be up 2% over the month, thanks to the United Kingdom (17%) and despite France (-5%).

Russia (-8%) and India (-5.7%) confirm their depression on the semester. Canada also makes a good April, up 13%, or 25,000 units over the month. Indonesia (+8%), Mexico (20%), Argentina (36%) and Turkey (+17%) also do a good April.