Solingen based tuning specialists at Wimmer RS have released their latest ‘juice’ packed project called the Mercedes C63 AMG Dunlop Performance.  
The Wimmer RS Mercedes C63 AMG Dunlop Performance benefits from optimised engine electronics, a custom-built exhaust manifold as well as a K&N sports air filter, so instead on 487 HP, the car can now output 540 HP. 
Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in the Wimmer RS Mercedes C63 AMG Dunlop Performance takes only 4.4 seconds (0 to 120 mph in 12 seconds) while top speed is electronically limited to 190 mph (308 Km/h).
To gain better stability and handling the Wimmer RS Mercedes C63 AMG Dunlop Performance received a KW3 Club sports coilover chassis, while the 19 inch wheels come wrapped in Sportmaxx GT Dunlop tires.
Wimmer RS press release :
Mercedes C63 AMG „Dunlop-Performance“ – by Wimmer RS
Again and again, the Solingen car tuning experts of Wimmer RS develop
high speed vehicles with best performance. The recent tuning action was
baptized C63 AMG Dunlop-Performance. This C63 AMG Dunlop-Performance
with its 190 mph (308 kmph, high speed cut) is as fast as a sports car.
With its modified electronic engine command, the exhaust manifold, its
improved suction tubes and the K&N sports air filter, the engine
performance is driven up to 540 hp (serial power 487 hp) by Wimmer RS.
Within only 4.4 seconds the C63 sprints from 0 up to 60 mph, 12.6
seconds to 120 mph. At 190 mph (308 kmph) the speed is cut off by an
electronic speed limiter.
In order to optimize the contact between vehicle and asphalt without
restrictions in racing sports and on the roads, Wimmer RS has employed a
KW3 Club sports coilover chassis.
Racing engineering dominates the genes of the Dunlop tire Sportmaxx GT,
in 235/35-19 on the front and 265/35-19 on the rear axis. These tires
warrant for excellent high speed driving stability, also in speed
regions over 190 mph (300 kmph).
The Wimmer RS C63 AMG Dunlop-Performance took part in the this year
Tuner’s Grand Prix on the Hockenheimring and made a runner-up finish
with its Dunlop high performance tires.
The Wimmer C63 AMG Dunlop-Performance has also been invited to the big
acceleration and breaking tests „0-300-0“ in Papenburg/Germany.

Source: Wimmer RS