The latest commercial clip from Mercedes raises some ‘interesting’ questions like which of these Formula 1 drivers would you rather leave your pregnant wife to in order to be taken to the hospital? Nico Rosberg or Michael Schumacher? In other words who do you think is faster?
This new ad is called Decision, and in order to make the choice even harder the soon to be parents might also have to consider that Rosberg drives a CLS63 AMG while Schumacher appeared in an E63 AMG.
This new clip appears to be the second from a series of commercials in which Mercedes presents the rivalry between Rosberg and Schimacher in a fun way. During the first ad, which can also be seen below the jump, Mercedses’s F1 drivers meet while having dinner in a ‘restaurant full of surprises’. 

Who is Faster? Rosberg or Schumacher [Video]

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Source: MercedesBenzTV via YouTube