PPG company, the biggest paint supplier for the automotive segment has conducted a yearly study to find out what is the most popular paint in all over the world.
The study revealed that, same as last four years, the white is the most popular colour chosen by those who buy a new car. One of four people buying a new car in 2013, and the popularity of white continued increasing in 2014 also, by 28 percent.
In second place comes black with 18% increase, while silver and gray take the third spot with 13%.  The white colour is appreciated in US, where 23% of cars purchased this year have a white paint, followed by black (18%) and gray (16%).
In Europe, one in four new cars sold in 2014 are white, 15% are black and 14% are gray. The statistics are different in South America, where the white has 32% of the market, same as the silver.
The two colours are followed by by black with 13% while gray was selected by 11% of the clients. 31% of new car buyers in Asia Pacific markets also selected a white hue, followed by black (20%) and silver (12%). PPG says that next year trend will make people choose natural colours like orange, copper and brown.