Italian company Vygor, known for its ‘SUV GT’ called the Opera 1 unveiled last month, is introducing a new design for the same car.
This time the SUV is dubbed the Opera 2 and instead of looking ‘aggressive and original’ like the first variant, Vygor decided to make it appear ‘elegant and exclusive’. If this second look still doesn’t covert you into a customer, them Vygor suggests visiting their style center when you could design your own ‘unique Opera’.
The automaker has also announced what their creation is capable of in terms of performance. Under the bonnet the Vygor Opera SUV features a 2.0-litre turbocharged and intercooled Mitsubishi sourced engine that was further tuned by Terrosi and which is available in three power stages (300 HP and 380 Nm, 350 HP and 490 Nm or 420 HP and 590 Nm of torque).  
Depending on the power level the Opear sprints from 0 to 100 Km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 5.9 seconds or 4.9 seconds while its top speed is 250 / 260 Km/h.
The car’s composite body is built on a high-strenght steel tubular chassis responsible in part for the Opera’s total wight of 1,580 Kg and in terms of dimensions the Italian SUV measures 4,86 m in length, 2 m in width and 1,63 m in height.
Customer can equip the Opera with either 18 inch wheels wrapped in tyres 245/60R18,  20 inch wheels with tires 255/35ZR20 or 22 inchers featuring 255/30ZR22 rubber and three corresponding suspension setups (‘All Road’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Extreme’) backed by a permanent 4WD system, a Torsen front differential, a rear slip limited differential and a traction distribution system.
Pricing for the Vygor Opera starts at 140,000 Euro plus tax.   

Source: Vygor