Volvo wants to avoid the image of a car manufacturer that only produces very safe cars and nothing else. Volvo wants to make its cars more attractive to younger clients and people who love technology. So it is the first car maker to integrate the hugely popular Spotify music streaming service globally in its new cars, starting with the new Volvo XC90, S90 and V90.

The announcement was made during this year Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. The Swedish car maker has worked closely with the popular streaming music service. The integration takes advantage of Spotify features using the large tablet-like touch screen in the new XC90, S90 and V90 and does away with the need to use a smartphone for music streaming while on the road.

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Accessing Spotify will require a Premium subscription. A 30-day free trial period will be available for those new to the service. The app will be available for Volvo owners in all countries where Spotify is available.

At present Spotify is also available to stream in Volvo cars via Bluetooth or through Apple CarPlay. However the native application in Volvo Cars’ Sensus user interface in the new XC90, S90 and V90 provides a much richer experience and a search functionality that non-native applications cannot deliver.

Volvo’s integrated Spotify application includes the Spotify Connect functionality, which allows passengers to use their mobile devices as remote controls for the Spotify in-car app without the need to connect their devices to the car or drain their batteries.