After they amazed everybody with the most luxurious version of the XC90 interior, called Excellence and introduced as a concept, Volvo has done it again. This time in Beijing Auto Show, where they unveiled the new S90 Excellence.

It is not really a car, but a concept that illustrates the future customization programs Volvo will offer on its largest saloon. The sculpture illustrates how the Lounge Console could look in the new S90 Excellence, and Volvo Cars.

“We had such positive feedback with our original Lounge Console Concept in the XC90 that we wanted to take it a step closer to reality in an S90 Excellence interior. With this interior we wanted to create a piece of art, a sculpture. We’ve taken many of the original concepts and made them come to life,” said Robin Page, Vice President Interior Design at Volvo Cars.

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Starting at the rear, the Volvo Cars Design Team added the comfortable seating, a center control panel for features such as the heated/cooled cup holder, the sound system, massage function and the large multi-media screen. The rear armrest is home to a refrigeration unit and comes complete with two hand-cut crystal glasses from Swedish glassmaker Orrefors.

The Lounge Console Concept in the S90 Excellence provides three comfortable alternatives – a mobile working station that combines a fold-out work table and large screen for checking emails or video conferencing; a pure entertainment mode where passengers can catch up on latest Netflix shows and a pure relaxation mode where they can recline the seat, take a cold drink from the fridge and relax with feet on the heated foot support.

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”The art of Scandinavian Design is all about enhancing the life experience, and this is what Volvo Cars does best,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Car Group.