Volvo will benefit from China`s low labor costs and will start exporting a car that was sold exclusively on the Chinese market.
It`s the Volvo S60L model that will be exported to US starting the end of 2015. The S60 long wheelbase version will be joined by the future generationXC90, set to go on sale next year.
The Chinese factories will export the S60L in the US and the XC90 on the Russian market. In a press release, Volvo announced that 10.000 S60L units will be send to theUS market and a few thousand XC90 will reach Russia, after being produced in China.
The current S60L is being produced in Volvo`s Chengdu plant, while the XC90 will enter production in a new facility in Daqing. By 2018, the two factories will reach a total output of 250.000 vehicles per year.
Last year, Volvo sent 62.200 cars in the US, all manufactured in Europe.