After it successfully tested the market with the V70 in 1997, Volvo goes one step further and introduces the first premium crossover sedan, the S60 Cross Country. A curious decision, if we think that only two months ago, during Los Angeles Auto Show, Volvo introduced the V60 Cross Country.
The high-riding four-door model is going to inaugurate a new segment during this year Detroit Motor Show, scheduled to open its gates next week. 
Like the recently introduced V60 Cross Country, the S60 Cross Country shares an increased ride height of 65mm (2.5 inches) and comes with the same All-Wheel Drive underpinnings of its sibling. The S60 Cross Country will also be delivered with front-wheel drive in Europe and selected markets.
The S60 Cross Country offers both 18- and 19-inch wheels with high profile tires that add both comfort and all-road aesthetics, reduce road noise, and add increased wheel protection when needed for city or country.
Under the bonnet, S60 Cross Country will launch with a powerful T5 All-Wheel Drive gasoline powertrain delivering up to 250 bhp available in the US, Canada, Russia and Europe.