The Dieselgate and the Cabrongate scandals have been on the market since a while but Volkswagen has managed to get some cash in the food industry. The German car manufacturer managed to produce a huge amount of currywurst, a special type of sausage particularly popular in Germany, in 2015. 

More than that, the German produce sold many sausages in 2015 than cars. 7.2 million people decided to buy the sausages made by Volkswagen while 5.82 million cars were sold across the Volkswagen Group. And this is pretty awesome. 

Volkswagen has been producing currywurst since 1973 at a dedicated factory within the it’s main manufacturing plant in Germany. They are also producing a special ketchup or an ultra-spicy sauce. 

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In 2015, sales of the sausages increased by 1 million units but due to the ongoing diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen car sales didn’t enjoy such roaring success.

Source: Volkswagen