Volkswagen is heading towards another successful year. The VAG Group achieved a 9.7 percent rise in worldwide deliveries in the first three quarters of 2012, selling no moe than 7.71 million vehicles to its customers. An increase of almost 700.000 units. Last month, the sales continued to grow with a recorded 6.5 percent, delivering 801,000.
In the first 9 months of the year, Group brands delivered a total of 2.8 million vehicles on the overall European market. As a result of the difficult market situation, Europe’s largest automaker handed over 1.43 million units, 6 percent less than last year, in Western Europe.
The German Group continued to achieve high growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where 480,000 vehicles were handed over to customers, of which 234,900 were delivered in Russia, the region’s largest single market.
The Group also recorded very satisfactory figures in the Asia-Pacific region where 2.27 million vehicles were delivered to customers in the first nine months. Among them, 2 millions were delivered in China.
Deliveries on the American continent also developed well with the number of vehicles handed over in the North America region from January to September increasing by 25.4 percent to 608,600 units.

Source: Volkswagen