Volkswagen has unveiled their fix for the Dieselgate scandal. This time we are talking only about the European cars. The project was presented to Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority and it has only the fixes for the EA 189 four-cylinder TDI engines that displace 1.6- and 2.0-liters. 

The cars equipped with 2.0 liter TDI engine will only require a minor software update. As a result, the process will take just about 30 minutes. 

For the 1.6 liter TDI engine, the German group will come with a "flow transformer". It will alms the swirled air flow in front of the air mass sensor and will thus decisively improve the measuring accuracy of the air mass sensor. More than that, the engine will also get a remapped ECU which means the entire process might take about an hour.

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According to Volkswagen, the updates were developed to ensure the engines meet the emission requirements without any effects on performance or fuel consumption.  

The fix has been approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and Volkswagen intends to begin a recall in January.  

Source: Volkswagen