Volkswagen has officially announced that they resumed sales of diesel cars (mid-April) in the United Sates for the first time since the Dieselgate. According to the company officials, Volkswagen started selling 2015 diesel models outfitted with approved emissions fixes in mid-April. Also, the German car manufacturer managed to get 12 percent of the sales thanks to the diesel engine cars. 

A total of 3,196 diesel cars were sold last month despite the fact that industry dropped by 4.6 percent in April. According to the same report, Volkswagen managed to get 1.6 per cent jump in sales over April 2016. The diesel models are the reason. 

As you already know, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board approved a fix in January for about 67,000 of VW’s 475,000 defective 2.0-liter diesel cars sold in the US. More than that, in April, the company bought back almost 238,000 vehicles and intends on fixing and selling them.

Source: Volkswagen