KBR Motorsport decided to take Volkswagen’s Comfort Coupe, the CC (manufactured since 2008), to new heights in terms of exclusivity. 
In order to achieve their task, the company’s CEO, Christian KREHER accompanied by a team of engineers, have put together a list of modifications that include a shortened and modified coilover suspension, and a new wheel and tire combination featuring R12 Nero 20 inch rims with 225/30ZR20 tires. 
As a result the Volkswagen Passat CC now rolls ‘devilishly close to the asphalt’ and to further enhance its sleek appearance, the car was wrapped in dull olive gray foil. 
Performance was not overlooked either as according to KBR Motorsport, the Passat CC is now able to put 260 HP at the driver’s disposal, thanks in part to the new, in-house built stainless steel exhaust system featuring a 76-mm guide tube from the turbocharger and a stainless steel downpipe.
All these modifications performed by KBR Motorsport on the Volkswagen Passat CC costs 11,000 Euro.

Source: KBR Motorsport