The microchip shortage is big. And this crisis will continue for a good amount of time. This is specialists opinion regarding the microchip problem.

During this year, some car manufactureres have decided to temporarily shut down the production of certain model due to the lack of microchips. In the same time, other have built incomplete cars, which are now waiting to receive the missing part before being shipped to customers.

But there is also a third category: the cars sold without some features. And Volkswagen is one of the manufactureres who have decided to sell the cars without some features and install them afterwards.

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According to a recent report, Volkswagen is selling the Nivus SUV (Taigo in Europe) without a central touchscreen display. And this is ironically because the for the 2022 MY, all the Nivus trim versions have received a big instrument digital cluster. Yes, you got it right: a big screen in front of the driver and nothing in the center. If you want to add that it will cost you 350 USD. And we haven’t see things like this until now (digital instrument cluster and no centre display)

And the things are also interesting because all the cars have a reaview camera which, of course, won’t work without a center screen.

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We are pretty sure that Volkswagen will come with a retrofit option after the microchip shortage will ease.