The German carmaker Volkswagen launches the Eco Up!, the most economical natural gas car on the world market. The mini model is equipped with a 1.0 liter three cylinder engine who is producing 68 HP (50 kW) and 90 Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque. 
Thanks to these figures, the model can sprint from stand still to 100 km/h in 16.3 second and the top speed is clocked at 164 km/h (102 mph). 
To maximize fuel efficiency, the Eco Up! comes with a Start/Stop system that works with a regenerative brakes and low-rolling resistance tires. Thanks to this the German model can return 2.9 liters of CNG per 100 kilometers and 79 grams of CO2 per kilometer. 
Another interesting thing is that the Eco Up! has three fuel tanks. Two of them are for the natural gas and the other one is dedicated for the petrol. This solution allows the model to travel 380 km on CNG and 220 km on petrol. In Germany, the Eco Up! is priced from 12.950 Euros.

Source: Volkswagen