Volkswagen brand enjoys its best year since it was founded. The VAG Group is also on its best year ever, with 8.24 million vehicles delivered to customers from January to October.
It is the first time when VAG Group delivers more than 8 million vehicles in just 10 months. The brands also reported a rise in deliveries in October, handing over 842,700 during this month.
Group brands delivered a total of 3.24 million vehicles to customers on the overall European market from January to October, of which 1.68 million units were handed over in Western Europe, excluding Germany. On the home market, 1.02 million customers took possession of a new vehicle.
The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brands delivered 5.08 million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to October. The brand developed particularly well in the Asia-Pacific region, handing over 2.47 million units there.
Also Audi had a great year, delivering 1.44 million vehicles worldwide in the period to October.
Skoda delivered a total of 865,100 vehicles worldwide from January to October. The Czech automaker was particularly successful on European markets.

delivered 326,000 vehicles worldwide in the period to October. The Spanish brand performed particularly well in Central and Eastern Europe, where deliveries increased by 50.5 per cent.