Volkswagen is one of the most important name in Europe when it comes not only to passenger vehicles, but also when you are talking about commercial vehicles. And most of the success is because Volkswagen has an impressive production capacity.

The latest proof is 200,000 vehicles in 39 months: at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in the Polish city of Września this production record is a reason to celebrate. In just three years since the start of production in September 2016, the workers at the plant, which was also built in record time, have produced 200,000 Crafter and MAN TGE vehicles.

The landmark vehicle is a Crafter panel van with a 177 PS 2.0-litre TDI engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. Painted in a Deep Ocean Blue finish, the vehicle will be staying in Poland, as it is going to a small company in Zielona Góra. Since the start of production in autumn 2016, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant has to date produced around 172,600 Crafter vans and, for sister Group company MAN, 27,400 Crafter-based TGE models.

Built in a record time of just 23 months, the factory began operating in autumn 2016. Since September 2018, the plant has been running three shifts with daily production of 420 vehicles. By October 2018, just two years after the start of production, the 100,000th vehicle, also a Crafter, had already left the line.

More than 3,000 workers at the plant make the Crafter and the MAN TGE, plus custom vehicles, including recently the 1,000th Grand California motorhome.