Every year, Worthersee is hosting one of the largest parade of Volkswagen cars. And Volkswagen Group cars. Volkswagen knows this and tries to get close to its fans with special edition or concepts. Some of them built even by VW apprentices.  

This year, 13 apprentices from Volkswagen and Sitech are confirming the final quality audit for their Wörthersee GTI 2017. Experts are closely scrutinizing their unique Golf GTI. 

The workers from six training vocations have equipped the car with optical and technical refinements selected in line with their own tastes, for example with an intuitive app control feature for the driver’s seat using a tablet PC. The apprentices, with project manager Holger Schülke, are relieved that GTI 2017 is “seaworthy” for its premiere on the Wörthersee on Wednesday, May 24.

“The app control for the driver’s seat is a real innovation. The top sports seat is adjusted electrically using a touch function from a tablet PC or a smartphone,” says team spokesperson Eric Miguel Lehrach. 

GTI drivers can find the ideal seat position easily and intuitively without having to search for switches on the seat or press button on the dashboard. The app controls a total of six functions: longitudinal and height positioning, rake of the seat and backrest, adjustment of the lumbar support and activation of various massage profiles for the lower part of the back. 

A memory function stores the duration, intensity and sequence of the profiles. The seat control app is a prototype resolving from an innovation project of Sitech and Electronic Development of Volkswagen Component. The prototype is being used for the first time on the Wörthersee GTI 2017.

The Wörthersee GTI 2017 faces extremely high expectations because this is the 10th show car presented at the lakeside meet since apprentices from Wolfsburg created the Golf GTI Performance in 2008.