The Visteon C-Beyond Concept will be showcased at this week’s Paris Motor Show, and the car which is based on the Citroen C4 Picasso is packed with technology and features no less than 40 innovations.
These technologies are divided into four categories which are : Advanced connectivity, Personal comfort features, Interior ambiance and Exterior and lighting features.
Just to give you a better picture, the Visteon C-Beyond Concept uses connectivity for remote or on-board configuration, uses the Internet connection for real-time traffic updates, has four vertical air flow zones, individual ambient lighting zones, and adaptive high intensity LED headlamp lamps that switch to low or high according to oncoming traffic.
The Visteon C-Beyond Concept also comes with a dashboard that can offer 50 liters worth of space in the center console, and digital 3D instruments that are fully customisable.
For extensive details regarding the Visteon C-Beyond Concept check out the official press release below the jump.
Visteon press release :
Visteon’s ‘C-Beyond’ Vehicle Concept To Be Showcased At Paris Motor Show – A New Vision For Connected and Sustainable Mobility
Global automotive supplier highlights more than 40 innovative technologies and concepts at the Estech exhibit in Hall 3, Stand 334
PARIS, Sept. 27, 2010 — Visteon Corporation is displaying the successful C-Beyond vehicle concept, featuring its unique range of innovative technologies, at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The C-Beyond is on display for the first time publicly at the Estech stand. Visteon partnered with Estech, a service and styling bureau, to execute the design and integrate Visteon products and concepts into the demonstration vehicle.
Featuring more than 40 innovative technologies in climate and interior systems, infotainment and connectivity, and exterior lighting, the C-Beyond has received enthusiastic reviews from vehicle manufacturers and automotive media throughout Europe, Japan and China. It is scheduled to be shown in North America starting in early 2011.
"We are delighted with the positive responses from our customers that confirm our new technology concepts address future consumer trends and needs," said Steve Meszaros, Visteon product group president. "These concepts are designed to inspire vehicle manufacturers to ‘see beyond’ the conventional role of the vehicle to create an innovative user experience enabled by Visteon’s technology and advanced development."
The C-Beyond, developed on a C-segment vehicle body, represents Visteon’s vision of how seamless connectivity and sustainable mobility may influence the way consumers use and interact with the next generation of vehicles. Using Visteon’s proprietary research methodologies, the C-Beyond incorporates insights gathered from consumers and vehicle manufacturers around the world.
C-Beyond is a testament to Visteon’s core strengths of in-vehicle technology integration and optimizing human-machine interface (HMI). In addition, enhanced personalization and individual comfort features for all occupants promote new ways of enjoying and connecting to the vehicle.
The technologies demonstrated in the C-Beyond are at different stages of development, ranging from concepts to commercialization-ready. They include:
    * Advanced connectivity – The C-Beyond evolves traditional cockpit electronics from a driver information function to "driver coaching," and uses connectivity features for remote or on-board configuration, advanced navigation with pre-journey planning, and real-time traffic updates. Also featured is Visteon’s infotainment and Internet platform, a scalable solution with audio, consumer device connectivity, media manager, navigation, rear seat infotainment and voice control.
    * Personal comfort features – The C-Beyond introduces Visteon’s vertical air flow concept that creates four discrete, vertical air flow zones. The roof-mounted registers direct air flow from ceiling-to-floor within the occupants’ personal zone for fully customized comfort and temperature control, compared with traditional front-to-rear cabin air flow. Visteon’s adaptive climate controls automatically adjust to the number and location of occupants, and save energy by deactivating in unoccupied zones. Vertical air flow eliminates traditional instrument panel registers, thus freeing significant packaging space in the cockpit area to allow for additional styling options. This concept is suitable for both electric and conventional vehicles and does not require architectural changes to the HVAC module.
    * Interior ambience – The C-Beyond exhibits a high level of perceived quality with simple designs and a visibly lighter instrument panel architecture. By redistributing traditional interior elements – including dedicated controls, storage, comfort and air distribution features – these concepts allow passengers to create their own personal zones. Ample use of ambient lighting creates a comfortable space for all occupants.
    * Exterior and lighting features – The C-Beyond is equipped with Visteon’s proprietary high-intensity headlamp LED projector module that provides all main beam patterns. Visteon’s camera-driven, adaptive high-beam system switches automatically between high and low beams according to the flow of passing and oncoming traffic. In addition, the system offers a glare-free mode that enables the lamps to continuously operate in high-beam mode with programmable shutters that reduce the light pattern for oncoming vehicles.
Visteon C-Beyond video :

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