The first episode from Top Gear Season 16 has aired on BBC2 last night, and in case you’ve missed it, then we’ve got you covered, as you will find the complete show in the video below the jump.
Just to give you a heads up on what to expect after hitting the play button, we’ll just say that the Top Gear Season 16 Episode 1 involves Clarkson testing a Skoda Yeti, and by testing we mean seeing if a helicopter can land on its roof, then we have Hammond who tries to prove one and for all that the Porsche 911 is not just a glorified Beetle, and we also have May who reviews the Ariel Atom V8, a car with a better power to weight ration than the Bugatti Veyron.
The guest celebrity who gets to test his skills by driving the reasonably priced Kia in the Top Gear Season 16 Episode 1 is John Bishop. 

Video: Top Gear Season 16 Episode 1

Source: MegaVideo