We are all familiar with the fact that the Dacia Duster has no real competitor in the SUV segment when it comes to pricing, and as a result sales a booming. Everyone seems to be very pleased as the value for money is great, but if you talk with the Dutch journalists from ANWB they might tell you that they are not totally satisfied with the first Romanian SUV.
They done a test with the front wheel drive version Dacia Duster without ESP, and when they purposely lost control of the SUV at 65 Km/h the car became unstable, with both right side wheels loosing contact with the ground, creating situations in which a rollover could easily happen.
The ESP equipped Dacia Duster has also been tested but in this case no anomalies were found. The French manufacturer has already taken action ad starting from March 2011 ESP will be offered as standard on the dCi 110 4×4 and 4×2 version Dacia Duster.
Watch the Dacia Duster stability test video after the jump.

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Dacia Duster stability test video

Source: YouTube