We can only imagine how the Autobahn looks during the night, as more and more videos show up on YouTube, revealing tuned or stock supercars doing well over 300 kmph.
We’ve just seen the footage with a G Power tuned BMW M5 Touring hitting 359 kmph (224 mph) on Germany’s infamous Autobahn, now it would only seem appropriate to see what an adrenaline chaser inside a Bugatti Veyron would do.
Top speeds are almost identical, as the Bugatti Veyron reaches 353 kmph (219 mph) but he could have went faster, as the video stops right when the above mentioned speed was reached. What is really insane is the fact that during all this high speed driving on a public road, the guy is using one hand to film the car’s speed dial with a cellphone.
The guy has also fitted his Bugatti Veyron with a set of police lights in order to get cars out of his way faster. 

Video: Bugatti Veyron hits 353 kmph on Autobahn

Source: YouTube