A new review video from the Brits at AutoExpress who wanted to see how does the new generation VW Polo GTI perform against two other cars developed under the Volkswagen umbrella, and we’re talking about the Seat Ibiza Cupra and the Skoda Fabia, which underneath their skin share the same engine, gearbox, and chassis with the Polo GTI.

There are of-course a series of mechanical tweaks hear and there, and differences in term of exterior and interior design. With this being said at the end of the test, the journalists from AutoExpress think the the VW Polo GTI is addressing more sophisticated supermini hot hatch buyers, the Seat Ibiza Cupra is more appealing to a younger audience due to its aggressive design and 3-door body style, while the Skoda Fabia vRS offers the best value for money.

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Watch the video with the VW Polo GTI vs the Skoda Fabia vRS vs the Seat Ibiza Cupra below.

Video: VW Polo GTI vs Skoda Fabia vRS vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

Source: Auto Express via YouTube